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    When a loved one dies, it can be devastating and overwhelming, which can make it impossible to focus on formalities. There are so many details to take care of and things to consider, and sometimes it can be hard to know just where to start and how to proceed.

    Contacting Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd in Earlwood right away can be a big help. As trusted funeral directors, it’s our job to help make this process as easy as possible. Our professional staff will look out for your best interests and guide you through a process that contains many important steps. 

    Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd is also sensitive to your needs and will listen in-depth to your wishes while offering support. Remember that you are not alone.

    Our caring staff at our funeral home in Earlwood are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to assist you with organising a personalised funeral.

    A death has occurred at an institution

    When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff will handle all the necessary steps for you. You will simply need to inform the institution that Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd is handling the funeral arrangements and that they are to call us straight away. The funeral home will contact the institution and arrange and conduct the transfer of the loved one into our care.

    Anticipated death has occurred at home

    In most cases of terminal illness, families will make decisions and prepare in advance to keep loved ones at home with the assistance of home hospice. After the death has occurred, the family need to contact their personal doctor. If the doctor is unable to attend, an on-call doctor will come to your home and pronounce the date and time of death, and will give clearance for the loved one to be transferred. After the doctor has completed all relevant paperwork, you will need to call us and we will arrange and complete the transfer of your loved one.

    Unanticipated death has occurred at home or at another location

    In a situation where a death has occurred unexpectedly, at home or in another location, you will need to call 000 for the police and emergency medical personnel. If the cause of death is unknown, the loved one may be taken to the NSW Coroner’s Office. This will be determined by the emergency responders.

    • Contact 000 immediately
    • Contact Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd on 02 9718 8878 for the transfer and care of the loved one, only if the emergency responders have determined the cause of death and are not required to take the decedent to the Coroner.
    • If an appointment is not made with the funeral home when the transfer is completed, you will need to call the funeral home to schedule an appointment to make the arrangements.

    A death has occurred out of state or overseas

    When a death occurs out of state, you will need to contact Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd directly. We will coordinate the transfer with a local funeral home or mortuary service at the place of death, and assist you with other arrangement details. If you are anticipating the death of a loved one and would like to make advance preparations, you may contact us at any time.

    Call us today on 02 9718 8878 to schedule an appointment at our funeral home for further advice.

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