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Funerals Offered in the Earlwood Area

Memories are eternal

Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd is dedicated to making a difficult time that little bit more bearable.

We appreciate that arranging a funeral can be emotionally overwhelming, but with our help, you can give your loved one the dignified funeral they deserve.

As a family owned and operated funeral parlour in Earlwood, we service the diverse needs of our local community by providing a pre-planning service and personalised funerals. Our professional and compassionate staffs are committed to supporting you during each step of the funeral care process to determine which service is appropriate for you and your loved ones’ needs.

With over 40 years’ experience in the funeral services industry, Divinity Funerals Pty Ltd can help you plan and arrange a committal service, repatriation, memorial, or a modern or direct cremation.

We’ll listen to you and help you make difficult yet important decisions, assisting you anytime with tailored funeral arrangements to ensure the individual’s life is remembered according to their wishes. Whatever the request, we’ll make you fully aware of the choices available and stay open minded about your unique ideas.

Whether you need professional advice or want to arrange a pre-paid funeral, we are waiting to support you at our reputable funeral parlour in Earlwood. We can even help with repatriation to Europe and offer free advice for probate.

A man holding a white rose at one of the funerals in Earlwood

Call us today on 02 9718 8878 to arrange a private consultation at our independent family funeral parlour.

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